– Estudio’s desire is that players are more interested in the game production of the Vietnamese.
Vietnamese have ability, intelligent. So why not make good games and quality to use? Estudio is confident that Vietnamese can make such products. Estudio wants to assert that the Vietnamese can completely make the technology products to conquer the world, have a place in the global market.
– Estudio wants to assure everyone – online games are a way to reach the world of information technology, claiming that the “I” does not want to be inferior to friends, not just addictive, or bad things. People talk about online games.
– Estudio works on the basis of trust and customer satisfaction as the premise for the development.
We specialize in developing websites, mobile apps, and web games.

– With the growing popularity of the Internet and the types of software and hardware involved, and the growing dependence of webhosting on the web, this type of web development has grown back and has made remarkable progress. compared to before.
– The need for entertainment in place and convenience is also the factor that makes webgame grow back.
– With young, enthusiastic and responsible staffs, we always try to create the environment and encourage our members to work according to creative criteria, ready to take on challenges and breakthroughs. Dear.
– We are always approaching new technologies and changing trends in the gaming and information technology fields. At the same time, listen, analyze and understand the needs of customers.
– We are committed to quality products, as well as after-sales service.

– Not too cumbersome on the number of devices – easy to carry and store, gaming is now too easy for anyone who owns smartphone devices.
– Instead of having to sit in front of the computer screen all day playing games, only the smart phone you can play 24/24. This is also convenient for women, when it takes time to care for family and work.
– Coming to the mobile game you can be comfortable in the time and place when playing the game.
– Game on mobile now is not encapsulated into a standard, you can find all kinds of excellent games such as role-playing, action, simulation, quiz …
So, not stop at the Web game that we have stepped onto the mobile road, because the demand for time and entertainment of the Vietnamese people.
-> Estudio wishes to bring you a great experience when coming to our products.


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